Help Us Stay Open


We have recently received a letter from the Islands Trust informing us that we may have to shut down the bakery while they consider an application we have submitted for rezoning. We initiated a rezoning process last March in order to comply with local bylaws which do not recognize a home-based business with a certified commercial kitchen as legal.

We now must demonstrate that there is substantial community need for our bakery to stay open and that’s where we need your help. Please contact our local Trustees to show your support for our small business.

Our goal at Francis Bread is to be a sustainable business: feeding our community, supporting local farmers and contributing to the vibrant food scene on the island.

Here are some of the ways that Francis Bread benefits Salt Spring:

We have created employment for four local islanders as well as for ourselves 

We support island farms and use only local produce for our menu items

We offer organic breads and pastries that are made by hand using BC grown grains. We feel that although there are several other bakeries on the island we offer specialty baked goods not offered elsewhere

We contribute fresh bread weekly to our local food bank and give back to the community regularly through contributions to local charities, teams and organizations

We provide a safe space for families to gather outdoors

In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis we were one of only a handful of food related businesses open as bakeries are considered essential businesses. We continue to be a safe place for people to access food during this time. We are a small business that is managing to stay open during this incredibly challenging time.

With high rates of unemployment and many businesses in our industry threatened due to Covid-19 restrictions we believe that our local government should be supporting small businesses like ours not threatening closure. 

If you agree that there is community need for Francis Bread on Salt Spring Island, please contact our three elected trustees in advance of the next committee meeting on Tuesday January 19. We absolutely love what we do and our community here on the Island and we hope to be able to continue baking for years to come.

 Laura Patrick: | 250-537-6822

 Peter Grove: | 250-537-1117

 Peter Luckham: | 250-210-2553

 Thank you so much for your continued support!

Meghan & Peter

Francis Bread